Insurance 101

What if?

What if I am not here? - Life Insurance

Life insurance is something nobody really wants to consider. But you can’t ignore the subject if someone’s financial well-being depends on you. Obtaining life insurance need not be difficult (or boring). To help you decide how to financially safeguard your loved ones, we’ve included some answers to frequently asked questions about life insurance.

What if I get hurt? - Disability Insurance

Consider this. What would happen if you were suddenly unable to work because of a disease or injury? Learn how to safeguard your income in the event of an illness or injury, as most people’s main “asset” is their capacity to earn a living.

What if I cant work - Long Term Care

Did you realize that, in the event you ever needed extended long-term care services, neither your health insurance nor Medicare would cover them? You will require long-term care services if you are diagnosed with a chronic illness or become incapacitated and are unable to care for yourself for a lengthy period of time. To help you choose if long-term care insurance is appropriate for you, here are some answers to frequently asked questions about it.

What if I outlive my retirement? - Annuity 101

Retirement appears less like a pause than a new chapter in life as a result of people living longer and better lives. A change in retirement’s appearance and duration necessitates looking into ways to extend your savings and income from many sources. Annuities can help in this situation. They can assist you in developing a reliable source of income that you won’t outlive.

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